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Tournament Director Sean Burns

Phone: (914) 886-8141

Tournament Director Lindsay Burns

Phone: (914) 844-0770

COUNTDOWN TO Under the Roof VIII - Feb 1st


Under the Roof VIII - February 1, 2020!

Location:     Mid-Hudson Athletic Center
               900 Dutchess Turnpike
               Poughkeepsie, NY 12603

Registration:  8:30am

Match Play:   9am

Team Fee:    $180 (cash, check or Venmo)

Format:       Reverse Coed 6's  
               3 Men & 3 Women
               Men hit from behind the 10' line
               Rules are identical to monthly MAC Revco 6's tournaments


Hello Rooftimers!

Rooftime 27 is in the books! The weekend was a great success!  Between the 2 days of play, and the raffles, cookies, and gift card promotions, we managed to raise $8,469 for Hudson River Housing.  Combined with the $3,751 raised at Under the Roof 7 in February, the total contribution to HRH this year was $12,220!  Great work everyone! 

Included in those totals was a creative $50 raised by the first annual “hat throwing” pool, which was won at 11:58 AM on Saturday by KJ/Steve Anania.  Also, Trevor and Clara have the honorable distinction of causing the hat throw heard round the world.  Next year’s hat throwing pool will be a little more challenging, now that I’m aware the pool exists. J 

We would like to thank everyone who participated in Rooftime 27 – players, spectators, volunteers, and friends who all donated their time and/or cash to this good cause. 

Before we get to the good stuff, I’ll throw out two interesting ideas that we’ll bat around for next year:

1.      Revco quads.  People love it indoors, why not do it outdoors?  And if we did it on the M/W day, then people who REALLY love revco could play reverse 2 days in a row. 

2.     “Buy a Mulligan”.  Every team gets the option for a single ‘redo’ on one point….  Provided they are willing to donate some cash, of course!  It’ll be cheap at the beginning of the day, and go up considerably as the day moves on.  Lots of details to work out if we’re going to actually do this, but it’s a fun idea! (idea credit to Jim Huenniger) 

OK, now on to the important THANK YOU’s!   Specifically, we’d like to thank:

Frank Sanfillipo – Hudson Valley Volleyball provided nets, equipment, etc. every Rooftime.  We could not do this tournament w/o Frank. 

The net crew:   Jeremy Kempisty, KJ Cecere, Michelle Jacobson, Steve Anania, Frank Sanfillipo, Frank Le, Bria Le, with special guest star Anthony Angelucci*.  These guys (and gals) were all rock stars this weekend… and in particular I messed up by not having enough folks on Sunday, so special thanks to Jeremy, KJ, and Bria for their heroic efforts on Sunday! 

T-shirt and glass design:  We have new Rooftime T-shirts this year (and plenty more for sale if you want some.)  Carrie Frith was instrumental in the T-shirt design!.  Thank you Carrie.  And thank you to Lynher Ramirez for helping to etch the Rooftime glasses!

The front desk crew:   Caitlin Patry, Lauren Wilson, Lindsay Burns.  The most hectic job at Rooftime – thank you so much to these 3!

The cookie crew:  Lauren Wilson, Jaime Zoller, Jeremy Kempisty, Dr. Molly Jenkins, & Steve Anania.  Thanks for some much needed sugar throughout the day!  

The raffle crew:  Cheryl Wilson and Rae Rae, and the Zoller family: Jaime/James/Aiden

Photography:  We had some really nice photos thank’s to Melissa Surprise of Surprise photography.  Thank you Melissa!

Raffle donations – thank you to the Dutchess Bier Café, and to NY Elite. 

East Fishkill Rec Center -  they’ve been very cooperative with our unique event.   Thank you to everyone at the tournament for obeying the park rules!!!

Congratulations to all our raffle winners! And, finally, congratulations to all our tournament winners:


Women’s Open 1st place: Theresa Fiani and Caroline Grattan

Women’s Open 2nd place:  Lauren Wilson, Jenn Korte

Women’s AA 1st place:  Stefanie Carrington, Clara Lombardo

Women’s AA 2nd place: Addie Ferrer, Alyssa Niquette

Women’s A 1st place:  Gabbi Gaibur and Dana Carey

Women’s A  2nd place:  Alica Brewer and Hannah Ortman.

Women’s BB 1st place:  Kim Martinez and Ann Reynolds Dopilka

Women’s BB 2nd place: Kylie Simeaforides and Paige Fulton

Men's A/BB 1st place: Tim Flanagan and Ryan Thenell (Note: Players did not accept a prize)

Men’s A/BB 2nd place:  Joe McGinty and Kyle Drugan

Men’s AA 1st place:  Spyder Thenell, Tyler Thenell

Men’s AA 2nd place:  Andres Aguirre and Sean Culwell

Men’s Open 1st place: Matt Durling and Tyler Zowaski

Men’s Open 2nd place: Casey Fitzpatrick and Chris Alcide

Revco BB 1st place: Sam Lowe and Kyle Doughty

Revco BB 2nd place: Tim Alarcon and Krista Palmer

Revco A 1st place:  Kim Martinez and Alex Rahmel

Revco A 2nd place: Jon Michel and Corinne Ribiere

Revco AA 1st place:  Tyler Zowaski and Victoria Chou

Revco AA 2nd place: Joe Recchia and Kelsey Lahey

Revco Open 1st place: Sean Burns and Lauren Wilson

Revco Open 2nd place:  Stefanie Carrington and Anthony Angelucci  

Quads, Killer division - 1st place! Tyler Garrison, Josh Dailey, Andrew Zee, Quinn McGinnis (and Kyle Neville)

Quads - killer division, 2nd place!   Lindsay Burns, Stephen Anania, KJ Cecere,  Luke Jenkins, and Dr. Molly Jenkins . Team Name "Who's watching the kids?"

Quads skilled/rec - 1st place!  Barry Gower, Riley Gower, Matthew Gower, Steve Mittermaier

Quads rec/skilled - 2nd place! Mallory Muglio, Grace Anderson, Keira Gilroy, Mia Iaciofano, Emma Debernardi

There were 4 people who won a prize each day.  (It’s hard enough just to play two days in a row, but to place 2 days in a row is very impressive).  Congrats to Kim Martinez, Tyler Zowaski, Lauren Wilson, and Stefanie Carrington. 

See you next year at Rooftime 28!  We are tentatively targeting the same 2nd weekend in July at the same venue!  See you on the court! 


Saturday, July 13th:  Reverse Coed and Quads

Sunday, July 14th:  Men's and Women's Doubles

  • For Quads we offer Recreational, Skilled, and 'Killer' Quads on a men's height net with no gender restrictions or gender touch rule.
  • For Doubles we offer B, BB, A, AA, and Open levels.  Prizes are given to 1st and 2nd place at each level.  
  • Fees: Pre-registered - $30 per adult; $20 per junior    Same Day Registration / Late Fee:  $5 per person
  • Bring Cash, Check or Venmo to the tournament!

Registration:  8:15am

Play begins 9am!

Location:  McGrath Field
                       890 Route 82
                       Hopewell Junction, NY  12533

Please use the address above for your GPS, turn in off of Route 82 at the Community Center and drive around back to the field. 

There is no Pavilion so please bring tents.  There is a porta-potty at the field and a short walk to the restrooms.  The Rec center also features tennis courts, skate park, playground, basketball courts and a hiking path.  The Rec center is dog friendly, but all dogs must be leashed.


The Registration "Rooftime" is not currently available.

The Registration "Rooftime" is not currently available.

The Registration "Rooftime" is not currently available.

The Registration "Rooftime" is not currently available.

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Buy yourself a Gift Card and Rooftime gets $$ - It's a Win-Win!

Charity made easy!  Buy yourself a gift card and the vendor makes a donation to Rooftime!  (kinda like Amazon Smile)

1)  We'll be taking orders at Rooftime!

2)  Bring cash, check or Venmo to Rooftime and buy your gift card!

Hundreds of options - see full list here.

Popular Choices Include


Old Navy, Gap, Banana Republic
TJ Maxx, Marshalls, Home Goods

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Target, Walmart, Sam's Club
(increments of $25, $50, $100, $250)


Dick's Sporting Goods
Under Armour

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Dunkin' Donuts

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Chipotle & Panera
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Acme, ShopRite, Stop & Shop
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Home Depot

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